Digital Marketing Training Institute

Digital Marketing Training can help you become a professional digital marketing expert in less than 2 months. The demands for skilled digital marketers in Bangalore is growing by leaps and bound. Remember, when I say a skilled digital marketing expert, I mean it.

Like Engineering, people have now started offering digital marketing courses in Bangalore, and that too with untrained trainers. Remember, it is not about the brand name of a training institute only. It is more about the trainer, the person who you would be learning digital marketing from.

Digital Marketing Training Bangalore: How is doing a course important?

Marketing today has undergone a paradigm shift from traditional ads in newspapers, banners, and hoardings at public spaces to optimizing your website and running social media campaigns. In recent times both big as well as emerging companies have started to shift their focus to improving their digital marketing strategies. And there is no denying the fact that these companies have got exceptional results after executing these digital marketing strategies. Gone are the days when companies needed a huge sum of money to do conventional advertising, today there are a lot of digital tools available at lesser costs and these tools help you to reach out to a wide audience.

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

With the rise of Internet users, the requirement for marketing online has rapidly grown and hence digital marketing has become the need of the hour. As the demand for this skills has increased, hence the jobs in these fields have also increased. There are various domains in the field of Digital Marketing and hence there are a lot of jobs available in these domains, the hiring in this field has witnessed a significant growth.

Edigital Academy: Who we are and what are we trying to do?

Edigital Academy is the brainchild of EdigitalMarketing. EdigitalMarketing is a digital marketing agency from Bangalore.  While hiring candidates for our digital marketing company, we had to face a lot of challenges. We found the candidates had certificates but lacked proper concept and knowledge.

I always used to think, had Infosys started an Engineering college, it would have made more sense. So, we planned to start a digital marketing training institute in Bangalore where we can train the students in a more practical manner from the live projects we do for our clients.

E Digital Academy acknowledges the growing demand in this field and for this reason, we have designed a proper educational training course which will ensure that students get a chance to obtain a thorough knowledge of this emerging field. We aim to provide the best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore for job seekers, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs. Our advanced training methodologies backed with strategic tie-ups with placement consultancies and companies enables us to successfully train and appoint students in highly reputed companies across the country. We provide all of these training facilities at an affordable cost.

Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore from Edigital Academy: The Course Content

Being one of the best Digital Marketing training institutes in Bangalore, we offer training on all the important domains of Digital Marketing. Let’s dive in to understand what you are going to learn in EdigitalAcademy’s digital marketing course.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Bangalore

Edigital Academy’s SEO training will help you to understand the methods by which you can improve your website’s organic traffic on Search Engine Pages. It will also help you explore keyword research and the process of selecting suitable keyword for your website for effective SEO and understanding the importance of creating and including effective content and use meta tags throughout your website.

Our training will also help you explore how websites are viewed and evaluated by search engines and how to speed up the SEO indexation process. Our SEO Training Classes in Bangalore will also cover off-page elements of optimization including inbound linking and techniques that can boost a website’s inbound link popularity.

You will recognize how SEO is content-driven, and understand the importance of creating fresh, relevant and original content to enhance your ranking.

This SEO Training module will enable you to monitor and manage your SEO activity by setting a baseline and regularly measuring activity against your pre-determined goals.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Training

Search Engine Marketing Training offered by EDigitalAcademy enables the student to learn the most advanced concepts of Paid Advertising. SEM PPC training covers all forms of paid ads like PPC, search advertising, Display advertising, shopping ads, mobile ads, and Video Ads.

During the SEM Course, we teach you to optimize your website and ads to outperform the competition using effective PPC and Display campaigns. Know how to drive high-quality traffic to your site by learning and practicing keyword research and implementation strategies, social media leveraging tactics, and video, image and landing page optimization.

Identify how to reach your marketing goals by including strong SEM techniques and paid search strategies along with the overall digital marketing plan. This SEM course will cover planning pay-per-click campaigns, keyword groups and geo-targeting to get the most out of your paid search engine marketing.

Google AdWords Training

The course is designed for marketing professionals with basic end-user computing skills who will create and manage search ads, run pay-per-click search campaigns, and analyze and report on those campaigns with Google AdWords. Google AdWords is the most powerful online advertising network, having multiple channels like Search, Display, Video, Mobile etc. You will learn to refine and optimize aspects of your AdWords campaigns from ads, to keywords, to bidding, to budgets.

Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media Marketing Training has been designed to give you the skills, knowledge, insights, and tools that will immediately help to improve your organization’s marketing goals. In addition to this, students get amazing opportunity to practice social media marketing techniques on most recent projects. After completing the Social Media Marketing Training, you will be in a position to get a job as a Social Media Marketing Analyst or promote your own business in an effective manner by displaying ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. It will also help you to increase your brand visibility, do campaign execution and spread awareness about your business on all the online forums.

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing has gained its place as a discipline within digital marketing, over the past few years. The course will cover the basics of Affiliate marketing and will dig deep into the dynamics of marketing in terms of affiliate—publisher website, and the merchant—advertiser website. You will be taken through the benefits of Affiliate marketing and how it works in the real world.


Content is not the king, but the kingdom itself. Almost every digital marketing technique has content in the center point. This course is suitable for digital marketers who will plan, execute and analyze content and for writers who wish to explore the newest horizon in writing. By increasing the followers on your blog, you can increase the brand awareness and also generate more revenue from ads. The art of blogging will give you a clear understanding of the difference between writing content for various platforms and different marketing techniques such as SEO and SMM. The course will also help you master the skills required to analyze the quality of the content to give inputs to the content team as and when required.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the key aspects of digital marketing. It helps you to understand from where visitors are coming from to your website (traffic source), their behavior, and webpages performance but, track and measure return on investment of marketing campaigns resulting in more leads, high sales conversion and increased brand awareness. In this course, you will learn how data from web analytics can be used for marketing strategy, marketing campaigns, conversion tools, segmentation, which, in turn, can multiply sales. The training provided by EDigital Academy is quite exhaustive and meticulously crafted which also provides you the practical exposure of the training programme.

Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster tools is a free service that helps you evaluate and maintain your website’s performance in search results. It verifies that Google can access content on your website. It also allows you to discover and eliminate malware or spam problems that otherwise may not be found.

Who can take this digital marketing course?

Irrespective of your qualification and degree, Digital Marketing is the need of the hour and you can master this skill if you have a burning desire within you.

  • Graduate students in the final year
  • Working professionals who want to learn and cultivate a new skill for better growth opportunities.
  • Freshers and job seekers after completion of their education.
  • Marketing professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to run a start-up.

Why Should You Choose Edigital Academy for learning Digital marketing?

E Digital Academy provides intensive training in all aspects of Digital Marketing and you also get the hands-on experience through real-time projects. By undergoing this training, one can become an SEO specialist, SEM specialist, and Social Media Marketing expert, Content Manager, E-Commerce Manager, and Digital Campaign Manager and excel in this fields. One can even learn this course and seek self-employment by generating revenue through blogging, becoming a freelance social media marketer, SEO analyst etc.

How much does a Certified Digital Marketing Expert earn in Bangalore?

Digital Marketing majors have a few ways they can go with their careers, they can either choose to go towards a more research-based job, or they can go towards the content building team or work to develop the digital marketing strategy.

1. Digital Marketing Manager – Median Annual Salary (2017) – Rs. 4,00,000

2. Digital Marketing Account Manager – Median Annual Salary (2017)  Rs. 5,00,000

3. Digital Marketing Analyst L1– Median Annual Salary (2017) Rs. 3,00,000

4. Email Marketing Specialist – Median Annual Salary (2015) Rs. 2,50,000

5. Technical SEO Manager – Median Annual Salary (2017) Rs. 3,50,000

A digital marketing expert in Bangalore as a fresher can expect anywhere from 20,000 per month to 30,000 per month. Some digital marketing freshers also start their career with Rs. 15,000 per month as their salary and start earning 20,000 to 25,000 INR per month after one year.

The main thing that differentiates a fresher with a high salary compared to others with low salary is their skill and knowledge. I suggest joining a company where you will be able to horn your skills and then after a year negotiating with the company with your package.

How is EdigitalAcademy a better digital marketing training institute in Bangalore than other digital marketing institutes?

We, at EdigitalAcademy, beleives in working closely with our students from Day 1 till the final day at our institute. Not just that, we also have a placement department that helps in setting up interviews with companies who are looking for digital marketing executives.

Our main focus lies on making you a skilled digital marketer rather than sending you off with certificates. Throughout our courses, we will prepare you in every possible way, so that you end up with a job.

We are the only digital marketing institute in Bangalore, who also provides training in communication and making you job ready, post the digital marketing course.

We also help you learn digital marketing from live projects. We are just not a digital marketing training institute. We are a digital marketing school backed by a digital marketing agency.

So, it is not just only learning. It will be learning from REAL projects and case studies.

Sounds excititng, right?

How to enroll for a Digital Training with E Digital Academy?

You can register online, visit our institute for more details and enroll or get more information by calling and talking to our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you provide assistance in placements?

Yes, we help you with placements as we have tie-ups with few companies and placement consultancies.

Do you give digital marketing certificates?

Yes, after completion of this course you will become a certified Digital Marketing Expert.

What are the fees for this digital marketing course?

Regarding course fees, you can get in touch with us through our contact number or mail id.